2CH Piezo Amplifier (KC-PZAm2300AE)





Piezo Systems offers a general purpose, Dual channel,

High voltage (200 Vp-p), high current (200 mA),

and high frequency  (DC  to  300  KHz)  amplifier 

designed  to  drive  any load including piezo stacks,

benders, and single sheets. 



Maximum Voltage ±200 volts peak

Maximum Current 200 mA peak

Output Power 40.0 watts peak

Frequency Range DC to 300 KHz

Full Power Bandwidth (Into 1 K Resistive load) Flat (to within ±0.5 dB):

DC to 250 KHz 3db roll-off: 500 KHz

Voltage Gain Variable gain, adjustable from 0 to 20X

Maximum Input Voltage +/-10 volts peak

Input Impedance 10K ohm

Variable DC Offset Normally zero volts. Adjustable to ±200 volts peak

Load Impedance Capable of driving any load within the voltage and

current limitations of the amplifier.

AC Power Source (fuse change required):200 - 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Circuit Protection Overload, short circuit, and thermal protection.


Front Panel Controls Gain adjust; DC Polarity selector (+,0,-); DC Offset adjust

Rear Panel Controls On/off switch; Line voltage selector

Terminals SMC for input (ground referenced); Safety shrouded banana jacks

for high voltage output terminals (ground referenced)

Weight 6.4 kg (14 lbs.)

Dimensions 305mm L x 305mm D x 127mm H (12” L x 12” D x 5” H)








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